Saturday, 12 January 2013

John Frieda: Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, 'Straight Ahead' Shampoo, Full Repair Conditioner & Precision Foam Colour (Luminous Blue Black) [REVIEW]

John Frieda hair products selection for review

A short while before Christmas, I was asked whether I might like to review a selection of hair products by John Frieda. I was hardly going to say no!

Although I had aimed to publish this review a while ago, being poorly over the Christmas period foiled my blogging schedule. The delay however, has seen me put these John Frieda products to good use, meaning I can give you a well-informed verdict on each.

Well, apart from the first one, which I am yet to use...

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour: 2A Luminous Blue Black

The box says:

"Introducing the new way to colour hair: Precision Foam Colour. This revolutionary, non-drip foam, covers every strand perfectly, so you are assured of shiny, natural-looking results."

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour dye Luminous Blue Black 2A
£9.99, Boots
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour dye box contents

I am yet to use this hair dye, due to recently rekindling my addictions of peroxide and brightly coloured dyes. Black dye is the hardest colour to strip for the hair, as my currently over-bleached, damaged, snapping ends are proving!

I reverted back to all black hair a few months ago, and quickly changed my mind. I've bleached sections of my hair several times since - anyone will tell you this does not aid healthy hair condition! This fact never seems to stop me though...

KatSick pink purple hair
 I may have managed to get more pink and purple in my (ridiculous) hair, but the ends have become very dry! Hair appointment booked for next week...

KatSick pink purple hair up close

I am sure I will eventually add some more black back into my barnet, even if it's just a few streaks, and so I am putting this kit away for when ebony takes my fancy once more.

I can however, say I am very impressed with the contents of the box. Not only do the black (awesome!) disposable gloves appear to be of premium quality, but the inclusion of a generous 50ml bottle of John Frieda post-colour conditioner is also a nice touch. Most brands provide a one-use conditioner sachet only.

I have never used a foam hair colourant before - I generally use the more common 'gel' variant. I am super intrigued by the pump contraption-form this home dye takes though. I'll be sure to tell you what I think once I've tested it out (whenever that might be...)

John Frieda Full Repair™ Full Body Conditioner

The bottle says:

"Bodifying formula, with Inca Inchi Oil rich in omega-3, repairs the look and feel of overstyled hair for full, flowing styles. Smooths and detangles strands, reducing the risk of breaking and snagging when combing or brushing."

John Frieda Full Repair Inca Inchi conditioner
£5.89, 250ml, Boots
Since putting my hair through the before-mentioned Hell, this conditioner has really been a great help. The ends of my hair appear less dry aesthetically - you can only tell the peroxide damage is present on close inspection.

My locks are also left glossy and easier to style after using this conditioner - I suspect that's thanks to the Inca Inchi oil it contains.

I generally get through three 250ml bottles of conditioner for every one equally-sized bottle of shampoo. It's not uncommon for me to use a full bottle of conditioner in one week either!

As such, £5.89 for a bottle of Full Repair is a little steep for me. Since the product actually delivers what it promises though, nourishing my over-styled hair back to vitality, I will likely go and stock up soon.

Many John Frieda products are on offer at Boots currently too; two for £8 - far more purse friendly!

Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead shampoo

The bottle says:

"Formula with styling polymer smooths, softens and aligns frizzy hair for instantly easier straight styling results that last up to 24 hours."

John Frieda Stright Ahead Frizz-Ease shampoo
£6.59, 250ml, Boots
I have used this shampoo with and without using the above Full Repair conditioner afterwards, with great results each time. All too often I find shampoos dry out my hair but this one doesn't at all - my locks are left perfectly shiny. 

Washing my hair with Frizz-Ease shampoo leaves my hair sleeker, and I find blow-drying quicker, simpler and far less of a chore. 

I think the "styling polymer" this shampoo supposedly contains must be a similar ingredient to that used in Pantene Pro V shampoos, which my hair also responds really well too. 

Again, £6.59 is not an amount I'd spend on shampoo usually but I'll likely purchase this one in the future (especially since it's also included in Boots' current 'Two for £8' offer).

Frizz-Ease Original Formula hair serum

The box says:

"Award winning formula instantly eliminates dry, moderate frizz and repels humidity for glossy, silky-smooth styles. With thermal protectant."
Frizz-Ease Original Formula hair serum
£6.29, 50ml, Boots (excuse the poor image - silver box + flash doesn't work well!)
I've always remembered this product as one which was loved by all the popular, "pretty" girls at school back in the late 90s, so I was intrigued to finally try it for myself. 

The formula is designed to be distributed sparingly through WET hair using your hands, before styling. It actually smells really nice; faintly fruity.

While this serum does work to prevent fly-aways and frizz, I have to say my hair didn't really get on with it. Frizziness doesn't occur because the serum is quite heavy, restricting the hair's free movement. It also did nothing to aid the condition of my hair. 

While I am aware that's not the product's USP (it's more akin to a fixing gel than a conditioning aid, IMO), I am still a little disappointed.

I can't say Frizz-Ease serum is a hair product I will be buying in the future. But I do think it's quite likely I'll be stocking up on the before-mentioned shampoo, and Full Repair conditioner soon.  


What do you think of John Frieda products? Are they a staple in your hair care routine? 

If you want to learn more about how to use John Frieda products, you should visit the brand's YouTube channel.