Sunday, 6 January 2013

'Daisy Chain' Oyster Card Holder by Julie Slater and Son [REVIEW]

Julie Slater and Son Daisy Chain wallet closed
Daisy Chain Oyster Card wallet, £13.50, Julie Slater and Son
Julie Slater and Son Daisy Chain Oyster Card open
NIno carefully edited out, just in case you're inclined to steal my identity! 
Towards the end of last year, I was sent this adorable 'Daisy Chain' print Oyster Card wallet to review by Julie, of Julie Slater and Son; a luxury leather holdall and accessories specialist located in St. Albans.

Popular with working professionals, Julie Slater and Son's products have recently appeared in publications such as The Daily (and Sunday) Express, and Easy Living Magazine.

First working for family-owned leather goods manufacturing business, Frederick Wich, Julie has acquired great knowledge for selecting the finest materials and employing the very best production methods within her own product line.


While - as a resident of West Sussex coastal town Worthing - I don't use the Underground often enough to justify the use of an Oyster Card, I am forever travelling up and down the south coast by train. This means an accessory like this is very useful to me.

Before I was sent this Daisy Chain card holder, my Young Person's railway discount card and journey tickets were kept in this not-so-attractive, free National Rail wallet:

National Rail free card holder
Note the rips on each side.
I also kept my most important cards, like my provisional drivers licence and National Insurance Number card in this wallet.

This is because I am forever misplacing my main, cash-containing purse. The replacement of these cards would be an expensive and time-consuming process I would much rather avoid!

My "train ticket purse" (as I dub it) then, is forever zipped into one certain pocket of my handbag.

As you can see, the free, cheaply produced National Rail wallet has become quite dishevelled through use.

National Rail card holder ripped

There's no such worries with the Daisy Chain wallet from Julie Slater and Son though - this really is an item of great quality. The stitching is impressively tough, as is the leather and clear windows used in its construction.

Even better; this wallet features four pockets. Two are on each side internally, while one curved pocket features to the reverse. The internal pockets are quite snug, meaning cards will never fall out inadvertently.

Daisy Chain Oyster Card holder curved pocket on reverse
Curved pocket on reverse.
I love how the wallet has a slightly padded feel to it too, making it pleasingly tactile.

The floral design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but that fact it is white also means it is easy to locate in dark handbags - important when you and hundreds of others are fast approaching the ticket barriers!

This wallet would make an ideal gift too, since it is presented in a nice white gift box, and wrapped in Julie Slater and Son branded tissue paper (the text is very pale, so this may be hard to see in the picture below).

Daisy Chain Oyster Card holder curved pocket on reverse


Be sure to check out the Julie Slater and Son website for yourself. Below you will see three more items I love from the brand's catalogue (click to enlarge):

Left to right: Wheeled sandstripe cabin bag £75, Apple Purse (red & green) £13.75 each, and matching Daisy Chain passport holder £16.50.