Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas 2012 Haul: What Presents Did I Get?

I haven't blogged as often as I would have liked in the last fortnight, due to feeling ridiculously poorly, on top of a manic Christmas and New Year's.

I feel much better now, but I do have a sizeable backlog of products I have been sent for review to get through. Before I address the growing package-pile (that sounds like some horrible STD...) however, I thought I would share what I got for Christmas.

Financially, it's been really rough year for my family and so I didn't expect to find many - if any - presents under the tree.

Imagine my surprise and excitement then, when I was presented with more than a few gifts to open on December 25!

Love Label nail varnish quartet

Love Label Nail Varnish quartet gift box

Love Label Nail Varnish quartet gift set
I couldn't seem to take a pic which shows exactly how pearlescent these varnishes are - they're REALLY beautiful!

Charlie Pink and Charlie Enchant eau de toilette gift sets

Charlie Pink EDT gift set Boots

Charlie Enchant EDT gift set Boots

I was very happy to receive these two Charlie gift sets, as I like to keep a bottle of scent in my handbag (I've lost far too many expensive EDPs because of this in the past!) Charlie Pink is a lovely - and very feminine - scent of red fruits, tangerine and vanilla, and while inexpensive, it's a favourite of mine.

I also really like the 'Sweet Tart' (shade 185) Revlon nail varnish included in the gift box.

Charlie's Enchant meanwhile is 'a captivating blend of wild apple, honeysuckle and coconut.' Definitely one to wear as spring begins to creep in!

TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) Glitter Eyeliners

TOWIE glitter eyeliners set

"WHAT!?" I exclaimed upon unwrapping to find the TOWIE logo starring back at me (I've yet to have ever seen an episode). "I know...but the liners look really cool!" responded mother. Touché!

These are super sparkly (even more so than the picture indicates) and I look forward to using them as part of a future Eye Experiment or two!

Makeup suitcase

Sunkissed makeup suitcase gift set

Makeup gift sets can be a disappointing gift, since they often feature lots of colours no one in their right mind would wear. Fortunately, there are many items in this set I really like. I'm particularly keen on the purple and 'smoky' eyeshadow quads, the blusher duo, and the light pink and silver-glitter nail varnishes.

I'm less keen on the miserable - and mildly terrifying - lady adorning the front of the case though (I'll have to cover her mug with stickers!)

Sunkissed makeup suitcase scary lady
Cheer up love, it might never happen...

Matching makeup bag

Sunkissed makeup bag gift set

I also received this matching makeup bag, containing a similar goodies, including these gorgeous shimmery eyeshadows (damn, I need a better camera!)

Sunkissed golden eyeshadows

Scarlet & Crimson cream eyeshadow gift set

Scarlet and Crimson cream eyeshadow gift set Ruby & Millie
Excuse the flash...
Scarlet & Crimson is the teenage-orientated cosmetics brand created by acclaimed makeup artist Ruby Hammer and business magnate Millie Kendall. While I'm not to sure what I'll do with the bright pink cream eyeshadow (!), the others make excellent "primers" for complimenting lose powder shadows - they don't crease either!

I'm not so keen on the 'Boom Lash' mascara included in the set (spider lashes) but I LOVE the 'Pink INC' mineral lip gloss - it's very moisturising and long-lasting.


I also received a little Xmas money from my Nan, which I spent in the Boxing Day sales...

Soap & Glory 'Shower Trip' tote bag

Soap & Glory Shower Trip tote bag
Half price: £9, Boots
Soap & Glory Shower Trip contents

I have had my eyes on this miniatures set for a while, but there was no way I was going to pay £18 for it when almost everything in Boots is reduced to half price after Christmas!

Some beauty bloggers have expressed a dislike for S&G simply because it is a phantom brand belonging to the high street chemist. Why does this matter? The products are indulgent, do what they promise and the signature fragrance is gorgeous!

I do wish the line was slightly cheaper though - £6 for a bottle of shower gel is a bit much, regardless of how sumptuously soft it leaves my skin!

The set contains Clean On Me Shower Gel (75ml), The Righteous Butter Body Butter (50ml),
The Scrub Of Your Life Body Scrub (50ml), Hand Food Hand Cream (50ml), Calm One, Calm All Body Wash (75ml), Girligo Body Moisturising Mist (100ml) and a pink shower puff (not pictured).

So...? Kiss Me eau de toilette gift and body lotion set

So Kiss Me EDT Boots gift set
Half price, £5, Boots
I seem to buy this EDT gift set up in the sales every Boxing Day, since So...? Kiss Me is another favourite EDP of mine. This year, a (surprisingly good!) lip balm and 10ml, handbag-sized EDP was thrown in - not at all bad for a fiver!

Boots Extracts mini body butter gift set

Boots Extracts Mini Body Butter gift set
Half price, £5, Boots

Boots Extracts Mini Body Butter gift set contents

I bought this set for Mum last Christmas and ended up being really jealous! These body butters are very nourishing and smell delicious - my favourites are the honey and cocoa butter variants.

£5 for 5 x 50ml tubs, and a little goes a long way. Bargain!

Skull dress from New Look

New Look Inspire skull dress winter 2012
Half price, £12, New Look
Skull dress New Look print up close

I also popped into New Look for a Boxing Day browse, and picked up this dress for less than half price (it was originally £24.99). I can of course dress this up for evenings, but I've also worn it over a pair of bootcut jeans during the day - it is the season for layering after all!

Jenni unisex spike-studded snapback from Boohoo

I also received this spiked snapback cap a few days before Xmas from my amazing friend Cat. Boohoo tweeted about it and I instantly flipped OHMYGODINEEDTHATHATINMYLIFE-style.

Before I knew it, Cat had ordered it for me and it was in my hands the very next day. I couldn't be more touched by Cat's generosity - I really must get myself to the Post Office quick sharp and send her the little 'something something' I promised!

I really miss her. *FROWNY FACE*

And that's the lot! I felt very blessed this year. I got more than I ever imagined I would and it's amazing the lengths Mum will go to to see her children happy (I'm the oldest of seven.!)

What goodies did you get for Xmas?