Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Amethyst Ezme Jewellery: Skull & Umbrella Bracelets & Ship Wheel Earrings [REVIEW & DISCOUNT]

Amethyst Ezme jewellery trio review KatSick

Back in November a lovely girl by the name of Amethyst Byrne sent me three different jewellery items, available from her home-made accessory business Amethyst Ezme

Amethyst loves being creative in all ways possible (she's recently entered the realm of T-shirt design too) and aims to create affordable jewellery pieces, appealing to a wide range of people.

I'm glad to say I've finally found time in my ever-increasingly busy life to share my verdict on the trio of items sent to me...

Skull shamballa bracelet

Amethyst Ezme skull bracelet
I really love this bracelet - it's my favourite of the items Amethyst sent to me. The metal beads remind me a little of the classic Alexander McQueen skull, though this is obviously a much more purse-friendly accessory!

I like that this bracelet could be worn by a man also - the metal beads are dainty enough to be considered feminine, but the subject matter (skulls) is masculine enough to see the bracelet appeal to blokes.

I guess it's slightly annoying that the bracelet needs to be tied when worn, since this makes taking it off at the end of the day no easy task. This is fine with me though, since it's rare I actually want to remove it! I've worn it in the shower a few times (oops) and I'm pleased to report the beads have not rusted at all. 

Definitely worth it's £3 price tag!

Umbrella shamballa bracelet

Amethyst Ezme umbrella bracelet
I also really like shamballa-style umbrella bracelet. It speaks to the emo kid in me who once (well, still) appreciates MySpace-era artwork like the following...
Artist unknown.
Photographer and image stars unknown.
Again, this bracelet ties up at the back but the umbrella handle does unhook for speedy release (though I won't be making a habit of doing this, since I would hate to ever accidentally snap the charm!)

The umbrella is cute and the knotting is really very neat considering it was done by hand. What's not to like?

Ship wheel earrings

Amethyst Ezme ship wheel earrings
£2? What an absolute bargain! 

Although I can't wear both of these at once (I have an 8mm stretch in my left lobe), these really are adorable! Even better; if I ever lose one I'll have a replacement readily available.

These earrings make me want to invest in some stripy blue and white tops, to complete the nautical aesthetic.


Amethyst Ezme wishlist

Here's two more items from Amethyst Ezme which I have my beady eyes on...

This plane & globe necklace speaks to my desire to travel and see more of the world... (Price unknown).
Keep calm and Ohm. Or something. Pretty! £2.50


Amethyst Ezme packaging

I thought I should also show you the packaging in which my items arrived. Tissue paper wrapping and a handwritten tag were both nice touches!

Amethyst Ezme jewellery packaging


Amethyst Ezme logo

To see more of Amethyst Ezme's attractive and affordable jewellery items, you can visit her store at:

Stock rotates regularly, so be sure to check back often!

DISCOUNT: If you enter the code 'amethyst20' at the checkout stage, you'll get 20% off your order (cool, right?) 

What do you think of these jewellery items? Which is your favourite?